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I am a believer with a passion for God and for people. Growing up, I lived under a mindset of legalism, hopelessness, and pessimism. It produced an internal struggle that took years to overcome, and if I’m honest, I am still wrestling with. But I am nowhere near where I was.

Fast forward to this 2015. I moved out for the first time. My roommate was going through her own struggles, and I was given the opportunity to practice hospitality with her stepmom and friends that I never knew growing up. God brought her and several other people into my life to love through generosity and self-sacrifice. I was continually humbled and learned not to treasure my space or possessions as my own, but as gifts to be given.

July of 2016, a friend of mine came to me with a burden. One of her long time friends, 18 years old, was hitting rock bottom. She was struggling with a traumatic past, unhealthy home environment, and a host of health issues that continued to decline. She needed out. Without even realizing the words were coming out of my mouth, I said, “Send her here.”

What originally started as one month turned into two and a half. In that time, she and I both grew and healed. God also brought another girl to me, same age, who was in a similar situation of struggle and hopelessness. Then another. And another. I only had one spare room in my apartment, though, so I could not give them a home to get on their feet.

The tricky situation with these girls is that they need independence, but do not have the resources nor the support to achieve that. Their environments and mental wellbeing both prevent them from freedom and force them into it.

A couple friends mentioned to me, “Have you thought about making this a ministry?”

I said yes to God.

And God ran with it.

I am excited to share with you The Haven Ministry. This ministry serves young women between 18 and 25 that come from emotionally, mentally, or even physically abusive homes. More specifically, serves young women in this category who are not able to support themselves, but need a new living situation or are being pushed out of their homes, and do not have the support needed to move on to total independence. These young women are given a home to live at while they gain the life skills and knowledge they need to live independently. It is a temporary living situation with the mentality of “move in to move out” - a sort of halfway house as they build a foundation for the next chapter. They are required to pay a small rent based on their income, purchase their own groceries, and encouraged to stock up on supplies for their future apartment.

But The Haven isn't just for that group of young women. It is also for those needing a place to stay overnight, those traveling through, or in a strange in-between (I've had a woman stay with me between end-of-lease at her apartment and marriage, and another simply transitioning to a new job out of the area).

There are two ways you can support this ministry. You can make a direct donation in any amount using the app Venmo. The other is of course prayer. Check out our list of needs under the Support page to learn more.

Soon, hopefully, you will also be able to support by donating to a church who supports this mission.

Thanks for stopping by - it's truly encouraging to see the support this has received and continues to receive. God loves His children - His eye is on the sparrow, and I'm excited to see The Haven used as a tool to meet the daily needs of His daughters in need as well.