Here are the long term goals for the Haven. These will help to make the home a warmer, safer, more restorative place to live. Urgent ones are underlined.

  • Insulation. Our walls are quite thin and we have some old windows. I want to have insulation installed in the walls so we aren’t shivering in the winter and sweating in the summer. It would also reduce the costs of air conditioning and heat.
  • Window replacement. Along the same lines; also for security. Our older windows have no locks on them.
  • Basement sealing. We have a cellar door to the basement that goes unused. When we have torrential rain, water comes in. I want to have a mason or someone with the know-how to come and simply close off that entry. This is also for security – the less entrances to the home, the better.
  • Door replacement. We have a door to an upper balcony that desperately needs replacing.
  • Vinyl/laminate floor installation. Our upstairs has original hardwood floors; however, they are warped and actually have slivers/nails sticking up, plus horrible bleach stains. The cracks collect dirt and liquid. This is somewhat for appearance, but also for sanitation and safety.
  • Yard treatment. Our yard is overrun with invasive species of weeds. We need a complete upheaval. There is also a cement patch in the middle that I would like removed as it serves no purpose and makes yard maintenance more difficult.
  • Driveway repair. The driveway is cracked, patched cement, and is collecting water and weeds year by year. Eventually, I would like this repaved for the safety of the foundation of the home.
  • For Emily – ACBC Certification. I am typically studying biblical counsel independently, whenever possible, but I would very much like to be certified. ACBC is the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. This goal is one I have for within the next year.

If you have a lead as to how this can be done, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!