March 2020 – Happy Birthday, Haven :)

It actually took me by surprise – I looked at my phone while writing a blog post for my main website in a coffee shop and saw the date. March 10. It struck a sense of meaning in my mind, but what was special about this date?

Then I remembered – March 10, 2017 was the day I moved into the home that was to be the Haven.

So. Happy birthday, Haven – you are a gift and it is an honor and privilege to live here and witness God move.

As I’ve said before, and will continue to say – God has been faithful.

I want to share with you the blog post that I wrote for my main site reflecting on the hard lessons of working in ministry these last three years. It’s been nothing like I expected. If I’m honest, I optimistically, naively expected it to look like a flourishing garden. Gold to come from whomever the home touched, a plethora of fruits from every seed planted.

It’s looked much more like the weeds in my backyard – fighting them every year as they run beneath the surface, digging and sweating, cursing the wretched sin in the world that it represents.

More than once, I’ve hovered over my phone thinking about my realtor friend – she could get me out.

And other times, I have laughed until there were tears and danced in my room alone just so joyful to see the small victories won by my Father.

So, without further ado, a bit from my blog titled, How Theology Transforms Ministry:

This concept I have chosen to write on, as indicated by the title, probably doesn’t surprise anyone who knows me or has seen my blog for any length of time, but don’t let that cheapen my sincerity. Theology – good theology – truly changes ministry. It transforms it into a real, living thing. Or perhaps, to say it differently, knowledge of God, His ways, and His plan changes the work in His kingdom. Service doesn’t require theology to perform, but ministry certainly requires it to be alive and set apart from worldly charity. Because of the theology He has given us, we can work in such a way that follows His precedent of restoration to new life.

Updates & Prayer Requests

There isn’t much to update on, but please keep everyone in prayer as we navigate the relationship of an open adoption and try to make wise decisions moving forward.

Pray also for financial provision for me through clients, donors, or patrons.

Resources for Support:

I have written an official support letter with the encouragement and prodding of my friends. You can download it to read and share here, as some have wanted to approach their churches and community with our needs, for which I am forever grateful:

Read support letter in browser.

Please note that until we are officially taken on as an outreach ministry, your donations are not tax deductible and must be noted as a gift.

I have updated the list of needs which you can find here.

I am also intending to invest more time into my personal blog on theology and a thriving life here. As encouraged by many friends, another way you are able to support me is through Patreon. You can find that here. Hopefully, this will be another means by which I can finally be home more and pouring into the women here. Speaking of, I just released my first podcast! You can subscribe on iTunes here.

Check out this video for a complete summary of everything I do and all the ways you can support, and please consider sharing this video to help introduce others to The Haven and how they can support us: