Lavished In Love – February 2020

I’m sitting at my desk in wonder at the love of God.

It’s a perfect love that casts out fear. And by all accounts, my sweet sister here and I should be consumed in it. But the love of God consumes us instead.

She and I collaborated on a blog post recounting the past year in detail, but we decided to withhold the story a bit longer for the sake of wisdom and to protect those involved. However, I can give the amazing news that it all has led to: our sweet littlest resident is being given a new life in a beautiful, open adoption.

To those who have been following the story, I’m sure this raises a lot of questions, especially out of concern for the mother and how this decision was made. The details of this were in the initial post she and I wrote together, and although we chose to not share those (at least not yet), I want to assure you that she was considering this since she learned she was pregnant, and it is a decision that fills her with joy and peace in the midst of the grief. I am so happy to see the moments when she is in communication with the new family, giggling and unable to sit still with giddiness hearing about the beautiful life her precious son is having.

It fills me with even more joy when afterwards she smiles, with not an ounce of regret or sadness to be seen, and declares unprompted, “God is so good.”

Those four words have been repeated countless times in this home in the last month. <3

What blows me away even more is the uniqueness of this adoption. When I imagine adoption, I imagine minimal communication, awkward relations and tensions, and a sense of loss that leaves an emptiness that cannot be filled. However, this adoption, as difficult as it has been in a lot of ways, has added such joy and has extended the family of our young mother. They have developed a personal relationship with her and intend to involve her in every important step of his life.

I so wish I could tell you in detail how incredibly God has worked in this journey. Looking back, it is nothing short of miraculous. Someday, perhaps, I will, when wisdom and time reveal it is right. I cannot wait as it is such a testimony to the sovereignty and glory of God.

This month, from now until the end of March, when you donate to the Haven via PayPal, all donations will go directly to the adoptive parents as this loving endeavor they’ve taken on is very expensive. Just as we have been lavished in love and blessings this past year in the journey of this little one, we want to see him through to the end and lavish his new family in this grace, to alleviate some of the financial burden of making this child their own.

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