The Haven has expanded its mission.

While mainly in place for long-term residents, The Haven is a home for the church and the community as a whole. Take a look at the ways The Haven can be used for biblical hospitality.

If you are interested in utilizing the space, please contact me at or via the Facebook page so we can check availability.

Daughters In Need

Before anyone else, young women in need of a place of rest to transition from one chapter to the next will find a home here. Toxic relationships, familial tension, or broken lives can find the resources they need here to start again.

But when there are empty rooms and no one on the docket, The Haven is simply a home to anyone who needs it - even for an afternoon.


If you are a missionary travelling through, or if you are home on furlough, please inquire about staying here! If there is occupancy, it would be an honor to host you.


The Haven is open to college students home for the holidays, travelling from point A to point B, or visiting a college in the area. The Haven is also open to exchange students.


Church potlucks, Bible studies, worship nights, even things like girls' nights, book clubs, you name it... Feel free to use the spaces here.


You are welcome here if you need a few days away from your normal routine and whatever stress you are under. We have tea, a bed, even a bath, and space to think. And if you need a listening ear, that's here, too.