December 2019

Ministry these days involves a lot of cleaning bottles, cleaning clothes, and having my heart cleansed by the Savior.

The newest member of the Haven family

If you have ever wondered how selfish your heart truly is by nature, care for a baby! You’ll forget that a baby doesn’t understand most of everything you say or do and try to reason with him to stop crying, to eat when he’s supposed to, or to just realize that sleep will make him feel better.

And, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you’ll realize how ridiculous and unloving such requests are.

If you have ever wondered how untrusting your heart truly is, work in a ministry with no guarantee of support. You won’t see anything going on behind the scenes, and so you will let fear consume you and begin to believe it rests on you to earn grace and convince hearts to give. You will forget every instance in the past where God has provided daily bread.

And, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you’ll realize how small and powerless you are – how it is the Lord who brings hearts together, who sparks generosity and love, who is the source of all life and everything we need.

Oh, how thankful I am that the Lord places us in circumstances that expose our sinful hearts to ourselves, that we may confess it to Him, receive grace, and be sanctified to look like the Savior we so love and want to know.


This month is off to a bit of a rough start. Our young mama is in need of your prayer for endurance and further sanctification. Pray also for her baby as this of course affects him. Pray for wisdom for both her and I as we deal with the burdens of our fallen natures, specifically our minds and hearts, which are experts in crafting idols, lies, and justifying selfishness to ourselves.

Praise God for the wonderful progress we have made, despite a recent setback. Pray the accomplished work quickly is restored and we continue to move forward toward healing.

Praise God for the many one-time donors that have come to our aid, in supplies and in money. Please pray for further provision, especially in this coming year with a little one.

This month, we are hosting a Christmas-y movie night to watch the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe! Our mama and I have been reading the series every night, so we are looking forward to seeing it come to life with other wonderful women! It will be her first time seeing the series, so I’m very excited.


While our church is going through the process of adopting the Haven as an official ministry down the line, we are sort of on our own in the meantime. I am doing independent client work, but I do not want to overburden myself as my consistent availability is proving essential to this time, for the sake of the mother’s mental wellbeing and for aiding the baby having a single parent.

That said, I have written an official support letter with the encouragement and prodding of my friends. You can download it to read and share here, as some have wanted to approach their churches and community with our needs, for which I am forever grateful:

Please note that until we are officially taken on as an outreach ministry, your donations are not tax deductible and must be noted as a gift.

To repeat something I say in the letter, as I write this, I am withholding much emotion. It is difficult to express gracefully the amount of not only passion and enthusiasm for the ministry, but an experience akin to grief that it has been this effective, but it cannot last unless the Lord provides. I trust He will. I am excited and hopeful. To God alone be the glory

And to paste from the last post:

Specifically for the women here, I have updated the list of needs which you can find here.

I am also intending to invest more time into my personal blog on theology and a thriving life here. As encouraged by many friends, another way you are able to support me is through Patreon. You can find that here. Hopefully, this will be another means by which I can finally be home more and pouring into the women here. Speaking of, I just released my first podcast! You can subscribe on iTunes here.

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