The young women are provided with housing for a small rent based on their monthly income. They will also be responsible for personal supplies.

Life Coaching

Staying at The Haven, each young woman would be coached on how to thrive in their talents, practically and emotionally.

Spiritual Mentoring

We are a gospel-centered ministry. Each young woman is treated a valued daughter of God and given spiritual counseling as they progress.


The house that The Haven operates out of is also a home for the traveller passing through, for the friend in need of a place to crash, and the shared cup of coffee with words of love. Click for more on this.

Evangelism/Ministry Opportunities

The Haven is a conduit for sharing the gospel. Need a place to meet someone? Come here. Or join us for Bible Studies, outreach to the community, and more. Visit our Facebook page for updates on these opportunities.

The Heart of The Haven

See a bit of how we operate as a ministry.


We speak the language of grace.

The goal of this home is to communicate to young women that they are loved, cherished creations of God and deliver to them the good news of the gospel. In everything we do, we strive to communicate to the residing women the individual value they possess because of Christ's atoning work. We help to open their eyes to the resources and gifts at their fingertips, and teach them how to use those resources wisely. We forgive, we forgive again, and we believe in the way of progress by the grace of God.

We walk a path of faith.

We live under a principle of trust. We do not allow anything to go to waste and live to our fullest capability. Closely tied to the grace is discipline - with our newfound identity, we are challenged to move forward, to move towards holiness, a place where we are living sacrifices, thriving under the grace of Christ. Women living here are lovingly pushed toward growth an a new, honorable life.